MIXED CLIMB: Tennessee, by Arrested Development

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I originally went looking for, and programmed this song purely out of nostalgia.  And I tended to only use it when I had groups of riders who were of a *certain age* who would appreciate the wonderfulness of it.  But really, millennials dig it too, so if you wanted to you could play it with reckless abandon and not feel guilty. 

While I have not done so yet, I believe this song could work out well in theme classes:

  • road trip/travelling across USA
  • football weekends
  • obscure 90’s songs  
  • please humor the instructor with his/her childhood memories 😎 (surely this class would be packed!)

I admit that I wanted this song to work because I wanted to use it, not because it jumped out at me as being an excellent cycling song.  But, it actually turned out to be an effective arrangement for a heavy climb.  After all, the bpm is 130 (65 rpm – perfect) and the hip-hop/ragae-ish-ness of it all is gritty enough to bring out the emotion needed to get the task done. 

For the link to printer-friendly notes, start here.

Spinning songs for climbs Tennessee

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