This is the place where fun and fitness collide!  

Sometimes a dose of creativity is the perfect solution for busting a rut and beating exercise boredom! Balancing your training methods will allow you to stay mentally and physically fresh so you can avoid burnout.  This is the key to maintaining consistency, which is the key to any exercise program!  Here you’ll find some fun and effective workouts to help you do just that!

There is also something so nice about finding the perfect card or gift, isn’t there?  FITGREETINGS® gives you the opportunity to do just that!  Here you’ll find items with unique messages that will allow you to support your friends along their fitness journeys.  

Ballet Blend

Break free from the barre and enjoy the spirit of ballet in a choreographed format! BALLET BLEND is a light aerobic workout that mixes power, grace, agility, and balance in a method that disguises the "work" in the workout! Kristin introduces moves, then layers them to guide you through three flowing combinations. She uses familiar ballet terminology, but loosely translates the technique so it's easily attainable and results in a solid barefoot workout. It's INSPIRED by ballet - it isn't ballet - so you have the liberty to make it your own, forget about perfection, be care-free in your movement, feel good and have fun!

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Hi/Lo Recharge

Hi/Lo Recharge is a little dance, a little boot camp, and a lot of hard work! It's comprised of choreographed combinations with various levels of complexity and impact.

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Dressed Up Drills

Dressed Up Drills delivers cardio, core, and flexibility training in a versatile format that will give you plenty of mileage in your workout library.

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FITgreetings are fun, inspirational and motivational posters, mugs, shirts and letters to support your fitness friends!

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