Ever wonder what products and services fitness professionals use to make their lives easier? Below is a starter list of some go-to’s that will be updated on a regular basis. When there is something we can’t wait to tell you about, it’ll be here!

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Apps & Websites

Happy Cow

This is both an app and a website, and it helps you find healthy places to eat on the road. It let’s you sort by categories: health food stores, vegetarian friendly restaurants, vegetarian only, and vegan only.

Tempo Magic Pro

Tempo Magic Pro allows you to change the tempo of the music already in your music library. Great for adjusting the speed of your favorite tunes to make them fit the speed of your workout.


A good place to search for fitness trainers in your area.

Mind Body Connect

A mobile app that allows you to find group fitness classes of all types while you’re traveling. You can even register for the classes via the app as well.


Power Systems*

Power Systems has a great selection of workout equipment.

Perform Better

Perform Better has good deals and a great selection.

Fitness Music

Yes! Fitness Music

Make custom mixes for your workouts at this site, by choosing your song and tempo of each song. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to maintain a specific running/walking pace and like to move to the beat!