Living in fitness requires smart choices about what we eat, how we move, where we live, what we think, and how we spend our time.  Sometimes these choices are as simple as tweaking mundane habits, and sometimes they involve a come-to-Jesus, buckle-up-and-hold-on decision that rocks your world as you know it. Finding what fitness looks like for you takes research, planning, and trials and errors.  It requires working in tandem with family, friends and colleagues, and putting systems in place to ensure success.

It requires PROGRAMMING your life so you can live in FITNESS.

ProgramFIT is a collection of thoughts, struggles and victories about all things food, exercise, home and life – in the real world. It’s for those who consider fitness a priority but don’t find the need to go to extremes. It’s a happy place for those who are addicted to exercise endorphins, yet proudly celebrate the mere fact that French fries exist. Most importantly, it’s a community for those who believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and that no matter on which side of the (insert fitness debate of the day here) coin you fall, we can all have each other’s backs.

ProgramFIT will be an ever-growing resource for guidance, how-to’s, inspiration, and anecdotes to help you live in fitness. The way that works for you.