SEATED FLAT with SPRINTS: The Ballroom Blitz, by The Sweet

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As an instructor I have way too much fun with this one than I probably should.  I always get of my bike.  I can’t help myself.  The frenetic vibe of the song lends itself to weaving throughout the room and connecting with the lyrics and crowd. 

And there are pa-lenty of opportunities to connect the lyrics to the room:

  • If you have a Steve, Andy, or Mick in the room, it’s the jackpot!
  • “Let’s goooooooo!”
  • “I see a man in the back…”
  • “Girl in the corner….”
  • “Turn into a Spinning® Blitz” or “Cycling Blitz”

Now before you think my obnoxious meter is off the charts, rest assured I use all of the above sparingly.  I’d never use all of it at once, never with the same group over and over,  I’d never call out a person who might be embarrassed for being singled out, and I don’t make it all about me.   That’s kind of Instructor 101 etiquette; ya gotta be able to read the room and ya gotta be able to pick your spots.  So as much as it would kill me to stay on my bike throughout this song with nary a lip sync moment, if that’s what would make it a better experience for that particular group I would do it. 

Another tip: I spell out the lengths of the sprints for your sake only.  Unlike most profiles I’ve never told my group how long each sprint was.  It lends itself well to the manic nature of the song…plus….they know the song so well, they’ll feel it intuitively.   At the beginning of the song I’d say something like “You’ve got 3 quick sprints.  Before each one I’m going to ask you to add resistance, and as soon as it’s over take off the extra resistance and recover.” 

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Spinning songs for sprints Ballroom Blitz

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