SEATED FLAT: Purse First (Feat. DJ Mitch Farino,) by Bob the Drag Queen

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Depending on my audience, for the most part I always try to put one silly/cheeky/quirky song in every one of my interval rides.  I generally put said song 3/4 (ish) of the way through, when everyone is starting to hit the wall and needs a mood-booster.  Obviously this song fits the bill for silly/cheeky/quirky!  (You won’t want to like it, but for some reason you won’t be able to help yourself 🙂 )

I remind everyone in the beginning that the cadence increases aren’t sprints.  I don’t even put an RPM number on it, rather “pick up the pace a little bit.”  Because this is in the recovery/moderate phase of the ride, it’s also nice to give the rider’s mind a break from too much instruction and cadence-watching.   

It’s a fun song, just enjoy it! 

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Spinning Songs for Seated Flat Purse First

Looking for another seated flat song?  Try this one or this one.  

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