SEATED CLIMB: Cherry Bomb, by NXT 127

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The second I heard this song I knew it was a cycling winner.  I mean, with full-of-yourself lyrics like “I’m the biggest hit on this stage” how can you pass it up?  I have a theory that any song spewing confidence is typically best suited for a heavy climb, and when the bpm of the song (78) fell into climbing parameters I knew we had a winner. 

Coaching note:  I’d let your riders know right off the bat that they only have 3 turns of the dial to get to a heavy climb.  If they play it too conservatively they won’t understand the break at 2:05.  Then after the break, they only have one turn of the dial to get it back to the heavy climb. 

As noted, some of the lyrics are the English translation.  That shouldn’t be a problem when you’re coaching because 2:05 is a section of the piece that stands out regardless, so you’ll know it’s time to adjust the resistance.  Other than that every time you hear “I’m the biggest hit” you turn things up!

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Indoor Cycling Song ideas for Climbs: Cherry Bomb

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