MIXED CLIMB: Fight For Your Right (DJ Anady Vs. Sander Remix,) by Boogie Brothers

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This one’s hard not to like.  I mean, if you grew up in the 80’s it won’t really matter what you do on the bike, you’re gonna enjoy yourself!  

This is a climb by definition because you’re in the 70s cadence range.  However, it’s not a grueling and gritty kind of climb…the song just doesn’t have that essence.  So I cue in accordance; way differently than I would cue a close-to-anaerobic-threshold type of climb.  And because it’s a steady and solidly aerobic profile it’s got a lot of flexibility in where you place it in the ride.  

And bonus, it gives you a chance to break out your corny instructor jokes (for which I never miss a chance.)  When the song is over I say “That was a Beast, wasn’t it Boys?  (Only one or two people ever get the pun, but those one or two people make the effort worth it!)  :mrgreen: 

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Spinning songs for climbs Fight for your right

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