Small Group Programming: Loaded Movement Sequences using the ViPR

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If you’ve been utilizing the ViPR in your small group sessions for a while, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve found success with interval drills or circuit formats.  Have you considered switching gears and adding mini sequences to the mix?  

Creating bite-size combos allows your participants to experience the beauty of moving through patterns without the complexity.   These pseudo “katas” include varying exercises, holds, footprints, handprints and tempos – all in one.  It’s a different dynamic than completing one movement for 30-90 seconds at high intensities.  Loaded movement sequences have the tendency to engage the mind-body connection a bit more than their drills based training counterparts, where momentum and muscle memory tend to play a large role. Plus, participants enjoy the “change of scenery,” so to speak, and mixing things up can be a welcomed breath of fresh air for your participants. 

Of course, this is all great in theory, but when you’re dealing with a group fitness setting the minimum threshold for viability is the extent to which ALL involved feel successful.   So, the keys to teaching mini loaded moment sequences in a group setting are:

  • design each sequence so it can be broken into 2 parts, with each part having only 1-2 moves
  • each part should be able to be introduced quickly and have the entire room moving together in a matter of seconds, not minutes
  • each sequence should have options for regressions and progressions 
  • each sequence should combine at least 2 different ViPR “series” (carries, lifts, flips, tilts, etc.)

Important: All of the above determinations have been based solely on my experience (lots of trials and errors) working with the ViPR in groups for 3+ years.  This particular programming is based on the needs of my clients and the general population at the club for which this training is offered (including the time parameters.)  You’ll obviously need to adapt this content according to your situation and clientele.  My intention for sharing this is so that it will hopefully serve as a jumping-off point and will spark some ideas that will translate to your situation.

The above video includes clips of the sequences only.  If you’re interested in idea for sample warm-ups let me know and I’ll post some in the future.   You can also check out the warm ups in this workout or this workout.  

The music used in the session was from – Epic 248.  


Grab the notes to these sequences in .pdf format here.


Warm up (5-8 minutes)

Tilts, with squats and lunges (frontal, sagittal, & transverse planes.) Hold in neutral grip and move through deadlifts, dead rows, biceps curls, and overhead presses. This is also a good time to give a preview of any complex patterns you’ll use during the session; ones for which you foresee participants experiences a steep learning curve. Have them move through space without load during this preview phase.


Sequence #1-#4 (29 – 35 minutes)

Each sequence consists of the following:

Part A: right lead

Part A: left lead

Part B: right lead

Part B: left lead 

Part A & B together: right lead

Part A & B together: left lead


Cool Down (5-8 minutes)

Flexibility with a focus on back and lower body.  This was also not included in the video, as it was nothing exclusive to the ViPR. 


Grab the notes to these sequences in .pdf format here.

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