Loaded Movement Intervals #1 using the ViPR

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You’ve requested home workouts you can do with the ViPR, so I’m delivering!



Mixing loaded movement training into your existing program is just what the body ordered! If you cross-train and have decent variety in your workouts, chances are you already practice some form of loaded movement training. The ViPR is a tool that just makes it easier to do so.

This particular workout (Loaded Movement Intervals #1) is not designed to leave you in a sweaty heap on the floor. It’s designed to move your body as a whole unit, and strengthen it as such; with a bit of balance, agility, and aerobic calorie burn to boot. It’s a strategic addition to your current training regimen.

Check out this article I wrote for Philly Fit magazine for more on this.


Things to keep in mind about this particular workout:

  • This video contains a warm up, six blocks of work, and a cool down. At the beginning of each block I introduce the movement pattern without the ViPR, then I add the ViPR, and then we start the clock with our interval work phase. The introduction is important the first time but you probably won’t need (or want it) the second time around. The “Cut to the chase” edit has those parts eliminated so you can streamline your training in the future. (Be sure to subscribe to the website to get that link.)
  • We purposely opted for no background music in this video for a few reasons. From past experience I know many of you prefer to listen to your own music while using home workout videos. Not only do we all have different music genre preferences, if you are a person who relies on the tempo of the music to keep you at a certain rhythm, you should be able to set that rhythm yourself.
  • Go at your own pace! Go faster or slower than me. Make your moves bigger or smaller. It’s your session. Pay attention to your posture and your breath throughout. Bracing your abdominals will help support the back and breathing rhythmically with each move will help in every way. If something hurts – stop doing it (fatigue is different than pain….pain is not good.)


What size ViPR should you purchase?

This is not a cut and dry answer. In our group sessions we have the luxury of choosing the weight based on the specific exercise, and we exchange often throughout the session. That’s not practical to do at home. And obviously you need to keep in mind that the heavier the ViPR, the more expensive the price tag – especially with shipping.

The good news is that because of the nature of these exercises, you can get an effective workout with one of the lighter cylinders. There are many variables that contribute to the intensity of this training, and it’s not solely based on the amount of kilograms you’re holding.  If you opt for a lighter ViPR, you can still work hard by increasing your range of motion and tempo of each movement pattern.  

To give you a general idea, when I tested this workout in my group ex sessions most of my fit female participants got the best results using a 6kg (I actually prefer a 4kg because I feel freer to explore a larger range of motion and quicker tempo, however, I often use a 6kg.) The men in my group tend to use a 8kg or 10kg for a 40 minute session.  


Where can I get one?

You can purchase them here: Power Systems. Keep in mind when shopping that the weight is in kilograms and not pounds, so a 6kg is actually 13.2 lbs, etc.  



Your safety is kind of a big deal:

Exercise at your own risk.  Physical activity of any kind, is a potentially hazardous activity, and can result in injury, or even death.  Consult your physician prior to beginning this, or any exercise program. The media produced (both in print and digitally) on the programfit.com site is not to be a substitute for your own judgement or common sense. Program Fit, Inc., any of its affiliates, or anyone acting on its behalf, is not liable for damages that may occur as a result of the consumption of this media.


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