CLIMB: a stair climb workout template

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Outdoors or indoors – a set of steps is a blank slate for an effective training session. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be boring! There are countless variations of movements that train not only the aerobic system, but focus on strength, agility, coordination and flexibility. 

CLIMB is a template workout, which can (and should be) customized to suit your abilities, goals, and location.  More details about this workout, including explanations and options for each exercise, are available in a free PDF that you’ll receive after you subscribe to the ProgramFIT (green box below.)  Subscribers will also receive a link to download the workout if you’d like to put it on your mobile device to bring to the park with you.  

Your safety is most important, so always consider the following:

  1. If exercising outdoors, especially in a public park, there are inherent dangers.  Be aware of wet leaves, uneven ground surfaces, broken glass, rocks, falling tree limbs, loose handrails and structures, animals, inclement weather, and more.   Avoid the area if any of these conditions exist.
  2. If possible, never exercise alone in secluded outdoor public parks.
  3. Exercise at your own risk.  Physical activity of any kind, is a potentially hazardous activity, and can result in injury, or even death.  Consult your physician prior to beginning this, or any exercise program.
  4. The media produced (both in print and digitally) on the site is not to be a substitute for your own judgement or common sense. Program Fit, Inc., any of its affiliates, or anyone acting on its behalf, is not liable for damages that may occur as a result of the consumption of this media.

This Park Mixes™ workout location is at High School Park (High School Road and Montgomery Avenue ) in Elkins Park, PA.

If you know of an awesome set of steps near you – please share the location so others can CLIMB too!  

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