Sometimes there is just no straight line from point a to point b, and the road to getting Dressed Up Drills ready to ship was one of those long and winding paths! But it’s finally here, and I’m ready to share it!

The concept of this workout came to fruition because I was looking for something that currently did not exist on the market.

I like cardio and I like choreography. I get bored with too many reps of anything and my feet only work if they are going to the beat of the music. However, not everyone who comes to my classes feels comfortable with intricate choreography. I had to develop something that had the intensity of the high rep, drill-based workouts, but still had enough choreography to keep it fun!

I also love the stretching and strengthening benefits of pilates and yoga, but my mind tends to wander when given the “free time”one’s mind gets during traditional mind-body classes!   I knew I’d be tempted to do more core-work if it contained challenging moves that were sequenced in patterns to keep it interesting.

Throughout the planning phase of this DVD, both my boot camp and my hi/lo class served as test kitchens for the content. I selected the basic “drills”in boot camp, and developed them into “dressed up”sequences that passed the test with my choreography junkies in hi/lo. When both classes were happy I knew I was on the right track!

Another aspect that makes this DVD so versatile was born from the suggestions of those who reached out to me after working out with my first DVD, Hi/Lo Recharge. The feedback was split regarding time – many of you longed for steady state cardio workouts, but many of you claimed you preferred it in shorter bouts, preferably in an interval format mixed with strength segments.

With this in mind, I strategically designed each segment to be independent of each other, yet still flow with each other.   This allows them to be completed in any order and in any amount.

Feel free to let me know how you make out with this workout. I’d like to know which pre-mixes you prefer, if you’re a Just Drills or Dressed Up Drills type of person, and if you go high impact or low.   Any feedback will help me in the development of more workouts to come!