30 for 30: a quick cardio workout

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I was first inspired for this concept in 2010 when ESPN first released its popular series by the same name.  Since then I’ve “30 for 30’d” my clients and classes every which way possible.  It continues to be a go-to concept for me.    

I’m constantly getting requests for cardio workouts that are not too repetitive, but also not too complex and I believe this 30 for 30 workout fits the bill perfectly!  It consists of 30 exercises, done 30 seconds a piece.  And the key is that they are arranged in such a way that the transitions are smooth and quick.  Done one time through, it’s a quick 15 minute workout, but if you’re ambitious, back-to-back them for a solid 30 minute sweat sesh.  


Two ways to use this workout:

  1. As an add-on to another workout that day.  In this case you’re already warm so just push play and dive in full blast right away.
  2. If you haven’t warmed up yet be sure to stay low impact for the first few exercises and gradually add intensity as the minutes go along.  


Things to keep in mind:

    • Because of the amount of exercises squeezed into a short period of time, properly cueing it would have taken up every single second of the workout.  Because of that I made a decision to keep cueing to a bare minimum. Watch and follow along.  Form and technique cues are absent but general rules of thumb apply; brace your abdominals, keep good posture, breathe throughout, and if it hurts stop doing it. 
    • There are visual options for low impact – keep any eye out for black and white images to appear when applicable. 
    • Subscribers to programfit.com may download this workout (with or without music.)  Your link was sent with your “subscriber bonuses” via email.  If you’d like to get a link to download, simply enter your info in the green box at the bottom of this page. 


Your safety is kind of a big deal:

Exercise at your own risk. Physical activity of any kind, is a potentially hazardous activity, and can result in injury, or even death. Consult your physician prior to beginning this, or any exercise program. The media produced (both in print and digitally) on the programfit.com site is not to be a substitute for your own judgement or common sense. Program Fit, Inc., any of its affiliates, or anyone acting on its behalf, is not liable for damages that may occur as a result of the consumption of this media.


Hope you have fun with this!  Let me know if you want more like it!

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