SEATED CLIMB: Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem,) by Jay Z

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The last time I played this during a ride, a young Jay Z fan exclaimed “An oldies!”  Since it was released in 1998 I thought we had another year before it was officially in that category, but it’s obviously all relative!  😯

I’m always happy when I find ways to trick riders into not realizing they are spending entire songs in the saddle.  This one works.  Dividing the tasks (moderate climb and heavy climb) in half by basing it on the lyrics gives them something on which they can concentrate, and it makes the time go by quickly. 

Oh, by the way, make sure you search for the “clean” version of this in your classes! 

For the link to printer-friendly notes, start here.

Spinning Songs for Climbs Hard Knock Life

If you teach this song and have any tips let us know.    Anyone refer to it as an “oldie?!”

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