Outdoor group ViPR drills to use when you have more people than ViPRs

Video Description

Anyone familiar with the ViPR understands the powerful boost it provides to a trainer’s arsenal.  Whatever the strength or mobility issue a client may present – there’s probably a ViPR sequence for that.  With enough coaching, an individual can perform complex sequences whose flow is as stunningly beautiful as it is physically beneficial. 

I’ve been leading indoor small group ViPR training for over 3 years now, and have seen my clients strength and mobility gains increase tremendously.  I made a rather large investment in the beginning (purchasing enough ViPRs for everyone in the group to have both a light and heavy tube each session,)  knowing it would pay off in client retention – and it did. 

Unfortunately equipping my outdoor groups – where each day’s workout must be packed away in a vehicle for transportation – with that same luxury, was impossible.  Instead, I had to design ways for participants to be able to share tubes.  I figured I could divide my large group into smaller groups based on ability (those comfortable using the 10kg, 12kg, etc,) and I could still provide effective drills requiring me to bring only a fraction of equipment. 

The above video documents 6 of these drills.  Hopefully you can adapt a few to use with your groups.  If you’ve already viewed it once, and want to skip to a certain drill again, below are the time stamps for each:

Drill #1- 1:43

Drill #2- 4:41

Drill #3- 6:52

Drill #4- 8:35

Drill #5: 9:49

Drill #6: 11:37

ViPR exercise ideas

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