MIXED CLIMB with JUMPS: Turbulence (Radio Edit) [feat. Lil John,] by Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke

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If you could create a song with the sole purpose of cycling jumps, this would be it.  Everything about it makes you want to jump and makes you want to jump like you’ve never jumped before!

I notate “8-count” jumps because I count musical beats. In this case the beats are just about one second apart, so if you aren’t a count-the-beat type of instructor, watch the clock for 8 seconds.  I factor in an 8-count recovery in between each jump.  If you hold these counts it’ll coordinate perfectly with the landmarks of the song and you’ll land in the saddle at the exact moment the song ends. *winning*  

Because the recovery time built in to this song is relatively minimal, and the intensity should be pretty high, you might want to place a recovery song after this one in your playlist.  

For the link to printer-friendly notes, start here.

Spinning songs for jumps Turbulence

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