MIXED CLIMB with Jumps: Blade (Jon Doe & Kutski Remix,) by Warp Brothers & Red Monkey

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You’ll need to practice and familiarize yourself with this music because the jump sequences fit exactly in the time allotted.  As soon as he says “fat base” there is no time to waste or you won’t get them all in.  And by an 8-ct jump I’m referring to the beats of the music (not 8 seconds.) So you’ll have an easier time if you are a person who can easily find the beat of the song.  

You’ll notice I allow time for “cueing and/or practicing the upcoming jumps.”  This is because there are various jumping methods, and I want to make sure everyone’s on the same page; once the jumps begin you won’t have much time for instruction.  Plus, you won’t want to talk over the lyrics – let the music speak for itself as much as possible. It’ll provide a better experience for your participants. 

In this profile, I provide the following options:

  • Beginners: out to hand position 3 for 8 counts and back to the saddle for 8 counts
  • Intermediate: out to hand position 3, speed up the legs for a quick surge before returning to saddle for 8 counts
  • Advanced: add a level of resistance, out to hand position 3, speed up the legs for a quick surge, take extra resistance off while returning to saddle

Along the same lines as above , I don’t count down every jump (8,7,6…)  I typically count the first one, then on the second one I say only the words “up” and “down.” I’m silent from then on out.  People will instinctively know when to jump, and those who don’t will follow along with your visual cues. 

One last tip: There are a bunch of remixes on this album. If you’re following along to these notes make sure you get the Jon Doe & Kutski Remix that is 6:51 in length. 

For the link to printer-friendly notes, start here.

Spinning song ideas for jumps blade

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