Jay Leno sometimes referenced it in his monologue. Ellen Degeneres joked about it, and it was even a topic in the comic strip Cathy. The Buns of Steel pop culture references had to be a video marketer’s dream! And this series had quite an evolution…

The original Buns of Steel workout was the brainchild of the self-proclaimed “Bunmaster” Greg Smithey:


The series continued with several videos (now referred to as the “classic” series) with the help of Tamilee Webb:


In 1994 they broke out the big metals with the release of the 2000 Platinum Series, which included Webb’s ESPN co-stars Donna Richardson, Tracy York and Nancy Popp, as well as Leisa Hart:


As evidenced by the sampling of the videos below, two things are clear:

  •  Nearly any combination of body parts could be turned to steel  
  • The model obviously thought her right side was the more photogenic side.



But wait – there’s more! Liesa Hart revived the series in 2008 & 2009. Three decades and going strong – what will the next bring….? Until we figure that out you can enjoy the Original, the Classic, and the Platinum workouts that have been remastered for DVD! That’s a lot of steel.

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