The ESPN Fitness Pros were part of the “ESPN Fitness Break;” a series of 30-minute exercise shows offered from 11am -1pm weekdays during the early to mid 90’s.   

Can you name the co-hosts in the below photo, including any missing members? (Answer at bottom of page.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.22.18 PM
(Photo credit: B.Livingston, taken from


A typical show’s intro can be seen here:  


Fans of the tv show could also purchase spin-off workouts via VHS.  Unlike the understated studio at the Green Valley Health Spa, the sets for the home videos were a jollification of everything questionable about decorating in the 90’s.  

To experience this time machine, grab one of the old VHS workouts and transfer to a digital format.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have any stashed away in your basement, you can find some here

Cast members from the photo above, left to right: Joey Greco, Tracy York, Pepper Von, Donna Richardson, Jeff Vandiver, Nancy Popp.  Not pictured, but a frequent instructor on the show was Tamilee Webb.

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