(HOLIDAY) MIXED CLIMB: Auld Lang Syne [Rosario Traditional Mixshow,] by Mariah Carey

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This is a great way to bring home a holiday-themed ride!  Because it’s the end of the ride, I cue the riders to add resistance to burnout at the 5:33 mark.  If they add resistance while maintaining a cadence of 65 they will get near aerobic threshold and will be happy they’ve arrived at the cool-down. 

If you’re not using the song at the end of the ride, you can just finish out the ride as a seated climb with normal resistance. 

The song will be most effective if you keep your cues to a minimum, and strategically place them so the riders can enjoy the lyrics to the song (especially the “countdown.”)

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Holiday Spinning Songs Auld Lang Syne

Holiday Spinning Songs Auld Lang SyneIf you used this in your ride and have any tips, please share!



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