How the internet can help end your vegan holiday gift hunt immediately

You might think the idea of giving sweets at the holiday season is overdone, and you might be right.  However, if you have a vegan on your gift list you can rethink that notion.  Unlike our dairy lovin’ counterparts, we’re typically not dodging a deluge of cookies and candy at every social event or office breakroom during the month of December.  All of that stuff has dairy in it and is off-limits to us.      

I’m lucky enough to live near some vegan bakeries, and I can also fudge my way around the kitchen (pun accidental) to make some naughty treats. But I can’t do fancy and I can’t do candy. And I love fancy and I love candy.  

So I turn to the internet to feed my hifalutin’ sweet tooth, party prep, and gift giving occasions.  Chances are the vegan in your life will also welcome a box of some’n some’n because, well, it’s actually a rare treat!  

If you’re hosting over the holidays, or have a vegan on your gift list, check out these cyber sugar shops:


Vegan Treats 

If I didn’t include this place I’d have to turn in my vegan card.  I’ve participated in more than a few road trips to their Bethlehem PA location to pick up Thanksgiving & Christmas pies and party cupcakes.  Last year I didn’t have time to do that so I ordered a few boxes of cannolis to bring to dinner instead. Oh, and an order of cookies too…to keep for myself(!)…although they arrived packaged pretty enough to give as a gift.   



Yep, that’s what I said – Etsy! This site is for more than just crafters of jewelry & art; it’s also for crafters of food!  I stumbled upon this fact by accident because “food & drink” is a subcategory on the site and not a main category.  But, once you realize this, you’ll be transported to the land of homemade one-of-a-kind calories of every denomination!  

If you’re in the market for a traditional, polite gift you’ll want to order a box of assorted chocolate truffles at CreekHousePatisserie where you can choose from one of 3 sizes and it’ll arrive in a handsome ribbon-wrapped box .  (Be careful to order the vegan chocolates – they also sell dairy chocolate in their shop.)

Looking for a stocking stuffer? Order a few small flavor-infused chocolate bars from TEFantasy Chocolates.  Stuff a heftier stocking with a bag of their maple sponge candy. On a side note, if allergies are a concern, their goodies are soy-free too!  

If you’re not in need of a gift, but are entertaining vegans over the holidays and want to be the host with the most check out SweetSpotMinis.  Order up a dozen mini cake donuts.  Your only problem will be choosing from all the flavor options such as Chocolate Candy Cane, Nog, and Gingerbread Man. (All can be made gluten free if requested.) 

Having overnight guests?  While the rest of the house enjoys coffee and donuts, your vegan guests will have to eat….oh wait!….they’ll be having coffee and donuts too!  This site is basically a mega department store for all things vegan, but they partnered with Larsen Bakery in WI to deliver their donut sampler, which includes 3 Ring Donuts, 3 Bavarian Creme and 3 Raspberry Bismark.  The box arrives with reheating instructions and (bonus!) nutrition info for each type….just in case you care!  


Erin McKenna’s Bakery 

You can get all things cookies, cakes and brownies (all gluten-free and kosher) here but she also sells her dry baking mixes which make for good gift basket stuffers.  I recommend the “complete baking kit”  which includes cake mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, fridge brownie mix, and frosting.  Oh, and since you’ll pay the same amount for shipping anyway, throw in a bag of Thin Mint cookies for yourself.    



  • All of the above products listed arrive with detailed instructions regarding storage.  Most recommend consuming immediately for best quality, but freezing is acceptable for a short period of time.  Keep this in mind when ordering so you don’t get the goods too early.  You’ll have to purposely procrastinate!  
  • There is no way around the fact that you’ll feel like you’re paying too much for shipping.  It’s normal, I think.  However, all of my items arrived packed incredibly well; some with ice packs and thermal bags (The bag was actually quite useful and I reused it several times.)  Expedited shipping is also necessary to ensure it arrives fresh.  All of that adds up! My best advice is to make your order worthwhile and buy a little extra something for yourself…you’ll most likely end up paying the same amount in shipping anyway.    


I’m always looking for more options….if you know of any vegan goodies worth trying please fill me in!  

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